Bernstorff Palace

Brunch at the Palace

Bernstorff Palace. Photo: Finn Christoffersen.
Bernstorff Palace. Photo: Finn Christoffersen.

The palace takes its name from its first owner, the Minister of Foreign Affairs J.H.E. Bernstorff. It was built in 1765 as one of the earliest Neoclassical buildings in Denmark. In 1842–1939 it functioned as a royal summer residence for among others King Christian IX, known as ‘the father-in-law of Europe’. Today Bernstorff Palace is leased out as a hotel and conference centre.

Visit Bernstorff Palace

There are regular opportunities to experience the palace on guided tours.

+45 39 63 10 80
Bernstorff Palace 


Bernstorff Palace Gardens is a Romantic landscape garden laid out at the end of the 1760s. With its extensive lawns, shrubberies and large trees the gardens are perfect for walking tours. The stately part of the park has a rose garden, an orchard, the ‘Parade House’ and the idyllic Queen Louise’s Teahouse.

The Tea House and the Parade House can be hired for special occasions.
+45 33 95 42 00
Open All year round

The Swedish Villa

The Swedish Villa was bought by Christian IX’s Queen Louise at the Great Exhibition of Industry, Agriculture and Arts in 1888. The villa is used today for art exhibitions and as a café.

Open May–November: 12 noon–6 p.m.
+45 39 90 19 20


at Queen Louise’s Tea House.
Saturdays and Sundays end May-September 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Queen Louise’s Tea House. Photo: The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties
Queen Louise’s Tea House. Photo: The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties
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