The Agency for
Palaces and Cultural Properties

It is the Agency’s mission to preserve our cultural heritage in the form of castles, palaces, gardens and other cultural properties for the benefit of posterity, and at the same time to make it useful and pleasurable for the present. The Agency focuses on the living, present-day use of the cultural properties.

Guide Palaces and GardensDownload pdf

Guide Palaces and Gardens

Take af trip through history. Visit the many royal palaces and historic gardens around the country. 

With this guide in your hand you can go on a journey through the history of Danish culture, gardens and architecture. Experience the sweep of history and the special atmosphere at these places. From the lush gardens of Gråsten Castle in the south, the mysterious castle of Spøttrup in the north to the agnificent Royal palaces in the centre of Copenhagen and ‘Royal North Zealand’ in the east.

Visit Kronborg with af guideGuided tours in English

Visit Kronborg with af guide

See where the danish renaissance kings and queens lived whenever they were in residence at Kronborg Castle and take af walk through the Casemates - the damp, low areas, where soldiers would stay for longer periods during sieges and bombardments. Guided tours in English for individual guests are free with a valid ticket.

  • The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties
  • H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
  • DK - 1553 København V
  • Tlf: +45 3395 4200
  • Email: slke@remove-this.slke.dk

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